What is my case worth? – Personal Injury FAQ #1

That is a common question. First, it depends on the type of case… motor vehicle accident; medical malpractice; wrongful death; dog bite or slip and fall to name some of the cases I handle.

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Motor Vehicle accidents depend on who is at fault or who is more at fault. These types of cases cannot and should not be evaluated until the injured person has completed their treatment. At that point a value is determined based on fault, the nature of the injury, type and length of treatment and whether the injury is considered permanent. Every case is different. There is no set rule in terms of value.

Medical Malpractice – depends on the nature of the malpractice and impact on a person’s life. Generally a medical malpractice case, if successful, warrants a significant monetary recovery.

Dog Bite are unique in the sense that as long as the person was not teasing or tormenting the dog then liability is assumed. The recovery will be based on the nature of the attack, the treatment and both the physical and emotional scarring resulting from the bite or attack.

Slip & Fall injuries are similar to motor vehicle accidents except if there is a defect that caused the fall then there is a notice requirement to either the landlord or property owner for there to be liability. Although there may be liability on the landlord or property owner a defense may be raised that the injured person was at fault for their own injuries or partially at fault for not properly paying attention to where they were walking.