Trumbull Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Few kinds of injuries are more serious than traumatic damage to the brain, especially if it goes undetected for an extended period time. Depending on the scope of the injury, you may have difficulty recalling information, notice changes in your speech, or have problems with motor control and sensation.

Regardless of whether your traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurred due to a car wreck, workplace accident, sudden fall or other circumstances, you should consider reaching out to a Trumbull traumatic brain injury lawyer to discuss your legal options. In the event that your injury stemmed from someone else’s reckless or careless conduct, an experienced catastrophic injury attorney, George W. Ganim, Jr., can work with you to hold that person responsible for all your ensuing injuries and losses.

Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury

The symptoms that a TBI can produce may vary significantly from person to person, and it is not uncommon for individuals to go hours or days before noticing something is wrong. It should always be a priority to seek professional medical care as soon as possible after any accident if there has been an impact to the head or neck, especially if any of the following symptoms appear:

  • Severe and/or persistent headaches
  • Loss of balance and/or dizziness
  • Mood swings
  • Weakness or numbness in extremities
  • Fluid drainage from the nose or mouth
  • Seizures

You should share anything resembling these TBI symptoms with a local traumatic brain injury attorney during an initial free consultation. Once retained, Attorney Ganim can help you seek fair compensation for your medical expenses, past and future losses of income, property damage, pain and suffering, loss of consortium and any other losses from your traumatic brain injury.

Potential Obstacles to Civil Recovery

Despite the fact that traumatic brain damage can have uniquely catastrophic and life-altering effects on individuals, those who are filing suit over a TBI are still subject to the modified comparative fault system codified under Connecticut General Statutes § 52-572h that civil courts follow for personal injury claims. Under this system, a court can assign a percentage of fault to the injured party based how much they contributed to causing their own injuries. The court can then either reduce the final award by their degree of fault up to 50%. If an injured party is more than 50% at fault for their own injuries, then the comparative negligence rule would bar them from any recovery.

C.G.S. § 52-584 sets two important deadlines that you and your Trumbull TBI lawyer must follow. First, you cannot file a lawsuit more than two years after discovering that you suffered harm due to another person’s negligence. Second, regardless of when you discovered the injury, you cannot file suit more than three years after the date that the accident happened on. This is why it is important to call a lawyer as soon as possible.

Reach Out to a Trumbull Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Today

In the wake of an accident that causes traumatic brain damage, you may be struggling to cover your expenses, have difficulty remembering things or suffer from personality changes that have been negatively impacting your life. Compensation is available for these losses and every other form of harm you can trace back to your injury. This is only possible if you can successfully prove another person or entity is at fault for the accident that caused your injuries.

With help from Attorney George W. Ganim, Jr., you have a much better chance of achieving a positive outcome to your case. Get in touch with a Trumbull traumatic brain injury lawyer as soon as possible.