If injured in an accident what should I do and is hiring lawyer important? – Personal Injury FAQ #2

There are several things you should do in the event you are injured in an accident, including hiring experienced injury lawyer to help protect you and your family. 

In reality no one is prepared for an accident and the trauma that comes along with it.  An accident can be a life altering event. The injuries, the medical bills, the time and money lost from work, as well as the impact it can have a person’s daily life—-all of that can be overwhelming. While the at fault person’s insurance company may sound and act as if it cares about what you are going through, unfortunately, it does not. That insurance company is only looking to find ways to defend the claim being made against it—that is why you need to protect yourself and hire an experienced injury lawyer. 

Here are some important some important steps that you should take following an accident:

First, call the police so that they can investigate and make a report;

Second, if you are injured, immediately seek medical attention; 

Third, take photographs before you leave the scene.;

Fourth, exchange information with the other party such as names, insurance, license and any other pertinent information; 

Fifth, write down the name(s), address(es) and telephone number(s) of any witnesses; 

Sixth, upon leaving the scene and getting medical attention, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you prosecute a claim.

Following these important  guidelines will put you in the best possible position to maximize a monetary settlement of your claim.