Bridgeport Scaffolding Accident Lawyer

Scaffolding is used on almost all construction sites. Scaffolding accidents are common, and often result in serious injuries or death. These accidents are usually the result of defective scaffolding, negligent assembly or lack of maintenance. Failure to follow safety guidelines also leads to scaffolding accidents.

The construction accident attorneys successfully represented many scaffolding accident victims in Connecticut. A Bridgeport scaffolding accident lawyer can help you determine the cause, the persons responsible for it, and how to proceed in seeking compensation for your scaffolding accident.

Team Up with a Bridgeport Scaffolding Accident Attorney

If you have suffered injuries as a result of defective ladders or scaffolds, then you can hold the owner, contractor or the sub-contractors liable for negligence. You may be eligible for workers compensation, which can pay for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

If you are injured due to a scaffolding accident, then contact a Bridgeport scaffolding accident attorney. Ganim Injury Lawyers have the experience and expertise to help you throughout your case. We seek fair compensation to cover expenses such as medical bills, income loss, and disability that resulted from the accident.