Bridgeport Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Anytime someone hits their head, it is cause for concern because damage to our brains can have lifelong implications. Many head bumps do not require extensive medical care but those that do should be treated seriously. If a head accident left you debilitated, you should consider speaking with a Bridgeport traumatic brain injury lawyer. With guidance from experienced catastrophic injury attorney George W. Ganim, Jr., you could better understand your options and the possibility of recovering damages.

Brain Injury Dynamics

When the head strikes a hard surface, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) may occur. In addition to harming the brain, the resulting blunt force trauma or penetrating wound could cause secondary complications, such as infections, swelling, nerve damage and blood flow disruption. At the time of the blow, a person may or may not lose consciousness; but in all cases, that individual should seek medical attention because the extent of the damage may not be readily apparent.

What Are Common Causes of Brain Trauma?

If someone else’s negligent behavior leads to a traumatic head injury, then that could necessitate a legal claim. Partnering with a Bridgeport TBI lawyer can increase the odds of a successful conclusion. Accidents at construction sites, manufacturing plants and on roadways account for many brain traumas. Head injuries are also common among athletes in high-contact sports such as football and hockey. Even tripping or slipping accidents where someone’s head hits the ground can lead to a TBI.

What Are the Impacts of Brain Injuries?

The brain controls all bodily operations – physical, emotional, and intellectual. Even minor harm to the brain can cause headaches, memory loss, sensory sensitivity and psychological challenges, impacting daily life. Severe cases could completely alter lives, changing family dynamics in a drastic way. Some symptoms of TBI include:

  • Speech impediments
  • Vision and hearing difficulties
  • Diminished cognitive abilities
  • Loss of motor skills
  • Lack of balance
  • Concentration issues
  • Depression
  • Psychological diagnoses
  • Comas

Suffering from any of these serious conditions could have a major negative effect on a patient. For example, they may no longer be able to work and support themselves, or they may need consistent round-the-clock care and treatment. These costs are often impossible to afford. Attorney Ganim is here to help injured parties and their families negotiate a fair settlement or fight for one in court on their behalf to address their current and future financial needs caused by the injury.

Recouping Lifetime Damages Awards

Connecticut recognizes that personal injury plaintiffs may incur financial loss and suffer harm well into the future. Connecticut General Statutes § 52-572h(a) allows an injured party to recover present as well as future economic and non-economic damages. These compensatory awards account for measurable losses, such as medical bills and lost wages, as well as subjective harm like mental anguish and pain and suffering. Injured parties can seek damages without worrying about a statutory cap. However, the statute requires every participant to accept accountability for their role in causing harm.

If a person with a TBI bears any responsibility for their injury, the law requires that the compensation received reflect that fault. For example, if the injured person shoulders 40 percent of the blame, the court will reduce their ultimate judgment award by 40 percent. A person is also disqualified from receiving a monetary award if they own more than 50 percent of the fault.

Insurance companies and other parties may rely on this theory of modified comparative fault in an attempt to decrease the amount they agree to pay during settlement talks or at trial. With their knowledge of the law and experience representing others with similar injuries, a local traumatic brain injury attorney, George W. Ganim, Jr., can help an injured person avoid significant award reductions.

Put Your Trust in a Bridgeport Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Adjusting to life after a TBI is going to be overwhelming and expensive. Attorney George W. Ganim, Jr, a Bridgeport traumatic brain injury lawyer, can assist you through this challenging period by advocating for the maximum compensation in your situation. Call today to discuss the merits of your case.