Preventing Teen Car Accidents

Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for adolescents. Teen drivers from 16 to 19 are involved in fatal crashes at four times the rate of adult drivers 25 to 69. There are three common errors that newly licensed teen drivers make that result in serious accidents. They are: failure to scan for and respond to hazards; driving too fast for the road and weather conditions; and being distracted by something inside or outside the car.

Teen car accidents can be prevented by making sure that teens develop skills and experience in a wide range of driving environments, including nighttime driving. The more practice, the better the driving skills. Parents should also model good driving behavior because adolescents observe their parents’ driving behavior for most of their lives. Parents also need to enforce house rules regarding when, why, with who and where the teen goes. Some of the most important rules are using seat belts on every trip, following every driving law including no speeding and no in-car cell phone use, and no driving while impaired by alcohol, drugs or fatigue.

Making left turns, rear-end collisions and running off the road are the most common reasons why teen drivers crash. Because their skills are under-developed, new drivers detect hazards later than experienced drivers, increasing their risk for crashes. Teens with parents that set rules and pay attention to their activities are half as likely to have an accident. It is vital for teens to get as much practice and experience as possible before driving on their own. In the beginning, drive during the day on a road without a high volume of traffic in good weather and without passengers. Gradually introduce other environmental conditions such as driving in cities, merging on and off highways, and driving in the evening. Always drive a car in good working condition with high safety ratings. You may want to look at some consumer reports or contact the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for crash test results on cars you may be interested in buying or leasing.

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