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Criminal convictions can impede your ability to seek and maintain employment, housing, educational opportunities, and loans. You may be eligible for a fresh start, but the pardon application process can be time consuming and cumbersome. Ask for help today if you believe you are eligible for this life-changing opportunity. THIS SERVICE IS FREE OF CHARGE.

There are two types of pardons: (1) an Absolute Pardon, and (2) a Certificate of Employability.

Absolute Pardon:

In Connecticut, an Absolute Pardon removes your official adult criminal record. This may also be referred to as an expungement, erasure or full pardon.

Do I Qualify to Apply for an Absolute Pardon?

There are many requirements you must satisfy for this process. In general, in order to apply for an Absolute Pardon, you:

  • Cannot be on probation or parole.
  • Cannot have any charges pending against you.
  • Cannot have a nolle (an instance of a prosecutor dropping a charge against you) within the last 13 months.
  • It must be three years since the date of your last misdemeanor conviction – meaning, the date you were sentenced must be at least three years ago.
  • It must be five years since the date of your last felony conviction – meaning, the date you were sentenced must be at least five years ago.
  • These time standards are based upon your date of sentencing, NOT your date of arrest. You must use the date that you were sentenced.
  • These rules apply even if your “sentence” was to pay a fine, or even if the fine was remitted.

Certificate of Employability

Unlike an Absolute Pardon, a Certificate of Employability does not expunge your criminal record. Instead, this certification endorses that your criminal history will not affect employment abilities.

It is an endorsement by the State of Connecticut certifying that, despite any previous criminal history, you should not be barred from getting a job or a professional license. Likewise, it makes it illegal for a potential employer to deny you a job based on criminal history alone.

Do I Qualify for a Certificate of Employability?

There are several requirements to fulfill for this application process. In general, you can apply for a Certificate of Employability if you are a Connecticut resident with previous convictions in this stat

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If you want to start either of these processes on your own:

To file for an Absolute Pardon, use the Connecticut BOPP application.

To file for a Certificate of Employability, use the CSSD application.