Trumbull Truck Accident Lawyer

In the United States today, commercial trucking plays a vital role in the mass transportation of consumer goods, serving an invaluable purpose to the nation’s economy. In addition to the heightened presence of commercial vehicles on public roadways, the high demand for truck drivers’ services can take a tremendous toll on the drivers themselves, potentially increasing the risk of an accident. In cases where a motor vehicle collision involves a commercial truck, the severity of injuries sustained and the extent of the property damage can be devastating. Luckily, an experienced personal injury attorney is here to help you.

If you were recently involved in a truck collision and have suffered an injury as a result, there may be several parties from which you could seek to recover damages. A Trumbull truck accident lawyer, George W. Ganim, Jr., can help you pursue your case to win sufficient financial compensation.

Trumbull Trucking Laws

Commercial trucks used for interstate hauling in the United States are subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations under Code of Federal Regulations Title 49 § 390. In Connecticut, commercial vehicles engaging in intrastate trucking are also subject to specific sections of the federal regulations, as adopted by the state under Connecticut General Statutes § 14-163c.

Commercial truck drivers need to remain in compliance with all applicable state and federal trucking regulations to ensure the safe operation of a semi-truck while hauling. Failure to do so could have serious ramifications, particularly if the driver gets in a motor vehicle accident. A local truck accident lawyer can investigate whether the truck driver was adhering to the necessary regulations.

Liability for Damages in Commercial Truck Accidents

In cases where a commercial truck accident leads to a lawsuit, there may be several parties you can seek compensation from, depending on the status of the truck’s driver at the time of the accident, such as whether they are an owner-operator or employed by a trucking company. It is also important to identify the actual cause of the crash, such as driver error, vehicle design, manufacturing defect or improper cargo loading.

If the truck operator caused the accident while in the course of their employment with a trucking company, the driver’s employer could be held vicariously liable for your injuries. If an accident involving a semi-truck is caused by a defect in the vehicle (faulty brakes, shoddy steering wheel, et cetera), you can seek damages from the truck’s manufacturer by bringing a products liability suit against them. In cases where a commercial truck causes an accident due to a shipper’s improper loading of the vehicle, the shipper may be held liable for damages in light of their negligent conduct.

If you wish to recover adequate compensation for your injuries and losses, it is crucial to obtain the right legal representation. A Trumbull truck collision attorney with experience handling commercial truck cases can review your situation to determine who the potential at-fault parties may be, and whether they are liable for your damages.

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A trucking accident can cause catastrophic amounts of property damage and severe injuries to the drivers and pedestrians involved. Whether it is the fault of the commercial truck driver, the trucking company they work for, or the manufacturer of the commercial vehicle, you have the right to seek justice for their misconduct.

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