Norwalk Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Hitting the road on your motorcycle can be a great way to relieve the stress of the workweek and enjoy the outdoors. But the enjoyment comes with risks since motorcycle crashes are much more likely to cause severe injury than other motor vehicle accidents.

If you were hurt while riding your motorcycle through else’s negligence, you have the right to sue for compensation to cover your losses. Consult a Norwalk motorcycle accident lawyer to find out how to pursue a claim and hold the party who harmed you responsible. Personal injury attorney George W. Ganim, Jr. has experience representing those who were harmed while riding a motorcycle.

Filing a Lawsuit in Norwalk

Each state has a law that requires an injured party seeking damages to do so within a certain period of time, called the statute of limitations. Connecticut General Statutes § 52-584 requires an injured person to file a lawsuit within two years of the accident that caused the harm. A family seeking a lawsuit for a loved one’s wrongful death has two years from the date of death to file suit and in rare circumstances may bring an action beyond that time period, however, more than five years after the accident.

Most claims settle before a lawsuit is filed if the two sides can come to an agreement as to the value of the injured party’s loss. However, liable parties have little incentive to offer a fair settlement if there is no credible threat of a lawsuit. An injured person who begins working with a Norwalk motorbike crash lawyer long before the statute of limitation expires benefits in several ways:

  • Attorney Ganim can ensure they do not miss any important deadlines
  • Attorney Ganim can communicate the message that they intend to assert all their rights
  • Attorney Ganim can begin building a solid case while evidence is fresh, in preparation of a lawsuit
  • Attorney Ganim can handle settlement negotiations and demand that responsible parties pay an amount that is fair under the circumstances

If a settlement is offered, the injured party has the final say as to whether it is accepted or rejected.

Compensation After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle crashes can lead to severe injuries. Connecticut does not require riders 21 years and older to wear helmets, so some bikers suffer devastating head and facial injuries. Internal injuries, spinal cord damage, burns and amputations are also possible results of motorcycle wrecks. Any of these injuries might impact a rider’s ability to support themselves and could prevent them from living independently.

Winning financial compensation could enable a severely injured biker to receive all the care they require to live in reasonable comfort and safety. A less-severely injured person could be reimbursed for their losses and return to a financial position they would be in if they had not had an accident. A local motorcycle accident attorney can help an injured person gather the evidence they need to prove their case.

What Losses Could be Covered?

An award of compensation typically includes all the injured person’s economic damages in the nature of medical expenses, lost wages, the value of employment benefits such as sick days and lost future earnings if the injury prevents the person from resuming their former employment, as well as damage to their motorcycle. Injured people could also seek recovery for their non-economic damages, such as: physical pain, emotional distress and other impacts on their quality of life.

Seek Compensation with a Norwalk Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Financial recovery from injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash could be arduous and stressful. You can relieve that pressure by partnering with Attorney George W. Ganim, Jr. A Norwalk motorcycle accident lawyer can guide you through the process of obtaining the compensation you are entitled to receive. Schedule a free consultation today.