Monroe Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Accidents involving pedestrians are a common occurrence. Many people every year are struck by motor vehicles while walking or jogging near roads. If you are hurt while walking near or across the street, a Monroe pedestrian accident lawyer might be able to assist you.

It is unwise to attempt a legal claim by yourself while you are recovering from your injuries and dealing with the economic burden that comes with it. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney such as George W. Ganim, Jr. can assist you in obtaining compensation for your injuries and losses.

Reasons for Pedestrian Collisions

Pedestrian accidents caused by vehicles happen for many reasons. Even though Connecticut General Statues §14-300d requires drivers to watch out for pedestrians and avoid crashes, many of them ignore this rule and end up hitting nearby people. Some of the reasons that vehicles strike pedestrians are:

  • Aggressive driving
  • Bad weather
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • Failing to yield
  • Not stopping at a crosswalk
  • Passing a school bus as children are entering or exiting
  • Speeding

Age can also be a factor in pedestrian accidents. Senior citizens are at a high risk of accidents due to the lack of mobility, while children are at a high risk because they do not always know to look for traffic and can be more difficult to spot.

Besides irresponsible vehicle operators, there are other potential perils that lead to pedestrian accidents. Improperly designed, installed or maintained sidewalks lead to cracks, holes and other premises defects that cause injuries. This could happen on both private and public property. A Monroe jogging accident lawyer might be able to pinpoint the specific cause of the incident and hold the responsible parties to account.

Claims for Pedestrian Injuries

Being in an accident as a pedestrian could give rise to a legal claim. Sometimes there may be multiple causes of a pedestrian accident. When that happens, the court will determine by what percentage each party is responsible for the accident and what amount each must pay to the injured pedestrian.

For example: there might be a situation where a truck strikes a car, and then the car hits a pedestrian who sustains injuries. If the pedestrian brought claims against the truck driver and the car driver, a judge or jury could conclude that the drivers were equally to blame for the accident. In such a case, each driver may to have to pay for half of the injured pedestrian’s losses.

The judge or jury could also decide that the pedestrian bears some fault for the accident because they were not paying attention, which could reduce the amount that they receive. A local pedestrian accident lawyer can evaluate a clam and may be able to increase an injured client’s compensation.

Kinds of Damages for Pedestrian Accidents

Connecticut law recognizes two main categories of damages that may be obtained by a pedestrian who is injured in an accident. First, they can receive economic damages which is reimbursement for the cost of their medical expenses, lost earnings and any treatments they will require in the future. Second, the pedestrian may get a non-economic award for their pain and suffering, emotional distress, impact on life’s activities, scarring and any other kind of intangible harm that they sustained.

Injured pedestrians without legal representation might not be aware of all the potential compensation they are entitled to after an accident. Therefore, it is critical that Attorney Ganim review the case.

Call a Monroe Pedestrian Accident Attorney Today

Getting hit by a car is a scary situation and can sometimes result in catastrophic damage to the body. The best thing you can do in this situation is to seek legal advice. A Monroe pedestrian accident lawyer can examine your claims and assist you with achieving a full recovery.

The insurance companies will have attorneys on their side, so you should refrain from taking legal action by yourself. Contact Attorney George W. Ganim, Jr. for a free review of your case.