Monroe Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

We trust that our loved ones will receive skilled and compassionate attention in a nursing home. Despite these expectations, nursing home staff sometimes mistreats their residents. If this happens to someone in your family, a Monroe nursing home abuse lawyer might be able to assist.

If a family member seems dehydrated, abnormally afraid, or if they have unexplained bruises, that might signal that you need to intervene. An experienced personal injury attorney could help fix the situation and obtain compensation for your loved one’s injuries and losses.

The Patients’ Bill of Rights Against Nursing Home Abuse

In Connecticut, the law protects nursing home residents from abuse with a Patients’ Bill of Rights. Connecticut General Statutes §19a-550(8) provides that a nursing home patient has the right to be free from physical and mental abuse, physical punishment, forced isolation and the use of restraints not related to medical treatment.

A Monroe assisted living facility abuse lawyer who is knowledgeable about the Patients’ Bill of Rights can determine if someone violated a resident’s rights. While nursing home patients are required to be made aware of their rights, it may be better to have Attorney Ganim assist in explaining the situation.

Ways That Nursing Homes Mistreat Patients

Nursing home residents could suffer abuse in several ways, such as failing to ensure that the patient eats appropriately leading to malnutrition, while a patient could fall or injure themselves without careful and proper supervision.

Sometimes nursing home abuse involves acts of violence. Physical abuse or punishment which could lead to significant injuries, and emotional abuse which could lead to psychological trauma. Even if the resident is unable to speak up for themselves, there are a number of indicators that could signal nursing home abuse, such as:

  • Bedsores
  • Changes in emotions or behavior
  • Fear around nursing home staff
  • Messy living quarters
  • Physical injuries
  • Poor hygiene
  • Recent changes to bank accounts, a Will or power of attorney

Suspected nursing home abuse requires immediate action. A local nursing home abuse attorney could help stop the mistreatment and assist the resident with obtaining compensation for their injuries and losses.

Limited Time to Act after Assisted Living Facility Abuse

Connecticut law allows two years to file lawsuits for personal injuries caused by nursing home abuse. The two-year clock starts ticking either when the injury occurs or when the injured was first discovered. In some circumstances, the two years begin to run from the time when the injured person should have reasonably discovered the injury.

Failing to comply with the statute of limitation may mean a permanent bar to recovery for the injuries and damages caused by nursing home abuse. For this reason, it is important for Attorney Ganim to review a nursing home mistreatment case as soon as possible so that he can file any action within the allotted timeline.

Seek an Initial Consultation from a Monroe Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If you believe your loved one suffered abuse at a nursing home, you should take action now. You could start by contacting the Connecticut Protective Services for the Elderly program, which is part of the State Department of Social Services, to report the abuse. The program’s staff may respond by investigating the nursing home, preventing any future abuse, and helping the patient make plans for safer care in the future.

With the help of Attorney George W. Ganim, Jr., your loved one might be entitled to substantial compensation for the injuries and losses they sustained from the abuse. Contact a Monroe nursing home abuse lawyer to review your case.