Monroe Car Accident Lawyer

With so many vehicles on our streets today, car accidents are extremely common. Some people are lucky enough to walk away from crashes with just minor bumps and bruises, while are not so lucky and suffer devastating or even fatal injuries.

If you believe that someone else was responsible for the car crash that caused you injury, you should get in touch with a determined personal injury attorney. George W. Ganim, Jr., a Monroe car accident lawyer, can work to make sure that you are not left paying for someone else’s negligent or reckless mistake.

Types of Automobile Accidents Occurring in Monroe

Car accidents occur in many different places for a variety of reasons. The types of accidents commonly seen in Monroe are as follows:

  • Rear-end crashes, where the driver from behind hits the lead driver, often because the second driver could not stop in time
  • Collisions with fixed objects, such as a utility pole, tree, fence or ditch
  • Front-end crashes, where two cars hit each other head-on
  • T-bone crashes, when one driver crashes into the side of another vehicle
  • Weather-related incidents caused by rain, snow, ice or fog
  • Pedestrian or bike accidents, where a car crashes into unsuspecting walkers or bicyclists
  • Alcohol or drug-related accidents

A motor vehicle accident lawyer in Monroe who has experience with all these and other types of car crashes can apply his or her knowledge to investigate the cause of the accident and the party responsible.

Typical Injuries Seen in Monroe Car Wrecks

Even when cars travel at low speeds, such as in parking lots, they can cause physical injury to a person. Vehicles that crash at high speeds will often cause the most severe injuries. Some of the injuries frequently seen after automobile wrecks include broken bones, lacerations, head and neck injuries, burns and even death.

Not all injuries are noticeable immediately after an accident. Sometimes the extent of the pain and the severity of an injury are not known until some time has passed. It is crucial to reach out to a local car wreck lawyer who understands how to pursue maximum compensation for all of the damages that were incurred.

Broken Bones and Lacerations

Even though most fractures heal on their own with just casting or braces, some fractures require extensive surgeries and can leave lingering pain, infections, impaired mobility, and nerve damage. Windows and windshields can break upon impact, and unsecured sharp items may fly around the interior of the car, resulting in deep cuts that could lead to permanent scarring.

Head, Neck, and Back Injuries

Concussions, skull fractures, brain hemorrhaging and brain injuries often occur as a result of a serious car crash while minor car accidents generally cause lower back or whiplash-type injuries to the neck. Regardless of whether an accident is considered serious or minor, people run the risk of suffering a permanent injury.

Burns and Road Rash

The impact of a crash causes some cars to burst into flame, putting passengers at risk of burn injuries. Or if a crash throws the occupants from their vehicle, they may end up with painful skin contact wounds from sliding on the road. These types of injuries can lead to permanent scarring.


In the event that a car crash results in the loss of a loved one, their surviving family may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit to compensate for their loss.

Begin Your Case with the Aid of a Monroe Car Accident Attorney

Rehabilitating from a car crash can take a lot of time and effort, in addition to the immense medical expenses that come with it. Let a Monroe car accident lawyer, George W. Ganim, Jr., handle the complicated negotiations with defense attorneys and insurance companies. Call our office today to arrange an initial free consultation.