Monroe Birth Injury Lawyer

The birth of a baby should be a joyful and heartwarming event for any family. But on occasion, medical errors occur that could lead to significant harm to your baby. A Monroe birth injury lawyer like George W. Ganim, Jr. can guide you through the process of civil recovery.

Examples of birth injuries include things like brain injuries, broken bones, deformities and cerebral palsy to name a few. You can incur significant medical bills when trying to address birth injuries, adding an unnecessary burden to your life. An experienced personal injury attorney will fight hard to obtain financial compensation for your child’s injuries and losses.

Medical Failures Related to the Delivery of a Baby

Doctors, nurses and other medical personnel are highly trained and dedicated to delivering healthy babies. Despite their best efforts, medical professionals can still make mistakes during the labor process. Here are some possible reasons why medical professionals accidently cause birth injuries:

  • Administering medication improperly
  • Failing to notice complications with the baby inside the womb
  • Improper planning for possible risks
  • Problems with the umbilical cord
  • Failing to treat an infection
  • Overlooking that the mother has a medical issue
  • Using medical equipment incorrectly

It may be difficult to know exactly what caused a birth injury. A local birth injury attorney can help identify the cause of an injury and fight for financial compensation.

Experts Must Support Childbirth Injury Claims

Connecticut General Statutes § 52-190a contains several requirements for a birth injury claim. A Monroe labor complications lawyer must conduct a reasonable investigation of the incident and believe in good faith that the medical providers involved were at fault.

To conduct a proper examination, Attorney Ganim must consult with a qualified medical expert to review the injury. If the expert believes that there is evidence of medical negligence, then the birth injury case can go forward. The lawyer must file the expert’s written report with the court, along with a certificate stating that there is a good faith basis for the birth injury case.

It may be difficult to pursue a claim and understand the complexities without legal counsel. Failing to comply with the expert requirement could prevent a birth injury case from moving forward. Attorney Ganim knows the relevant laws and can help you successfully litigate your claim for compensation.

Time Limits for Birth Injury Claims

After an injury occurs due to childbirth, the statute of limitations to file starts running. Parents of an injured baby have two years from the date the birth injury, the date it is discovered or the date it should have been discovered, to bring a claim.

Even with certain extensions, there are only three years after the date of the event that caused the birth injury to bring a claim. Considering that an expert must review a claim before it is filed, there is little time to waste. A lawyer who is knowledgeable in birth injury claims can ensure that you file within the proper time limit.

Connect with a Monroe Birth Injury Attorney

If your baby sustains a birth injury, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. Depending on the facts of the case, you could receive financial assistance that covers your child’s needs for life. Attempting to file a lawsuit without legal assistance is not a good idea. A Monroe birth injury lawyer can study your claim and advise you on your best course of action. Call Attorney George W. Ganim, Jr. for a free consultation of your case.