Monroe Personal Injury Lawyer

In an instant, a severe accident can upend your life. Long after the incident that caused your injury, you may still suffer physical, emotional and financial scars. You might have to endure a lengthy and painful rehabilitation, haunting memories of the incident or the depression that comes with having to adapt to the new limitations of your body. Financially, your injury could prevent you from bringing home a paycheck, rendering you unable to pay for your medical expenses or provide for your family.

If somebody else’s negligence or recklessness caused you to suffer a devastating injury, a Monroe personal injury lawyer might be able to help you get your life back on track. You could be entitled to recover damages from the at-fault party in a personal injury lawsuit with the aid of Attorney George W. Ganim, Jr.

How do Personal Injury Lawsuits Work?

A personal injury claim is a civil suit brought by an injured person against the party who caused their injury. You can pursue damages to compensate for your injuries and losses. To prevail in Connecticut, you need to prove that the opposing party caused your injury by a preponderance of the evidence, which means that it is more likely than not that they were responsible.

In a negligence-based case, a lawyer needs to demonstrate that the defendant owed you a duty of care, that their actions breached that duty of care, that the breach of duty caused the accident or harmful incident causing you to suffer compensable damages as a result of that incident. A local personal injury attorney such as George W. Ganim, Jr. can help you meet the burden of proof by investigating the incident and collecting all available evidence.

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases in Monroe

In a civil suit, the injuries are usually the result of another person’s negligence and carelessness, recklessness, or intentional harm. Attorney Ganim works with individuals who have suffered injuries resulting from:

It is essential to meet with a dedicated and experienced attorney as soon as possible after an accident to see if there is a viable claim for compensation.

Possible Limitations on Damages Recovery

In Monroe, you can pursue recovery of economic damages to compensate you for any quantifiable losses, such as medical expenses (hospitalization, doctors’ visits, physical therapy and rehabilitation, x-rays, surgeries, etc.…). Quantifiable losses also include lost wages and diminished earning capacity. In addition to economic damages you seek non-economic damages to compensate for non-quantifiable losses, such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, limitation of activities, scarring and permanency. In limited circumstances involving intentional or malicious actions, you can also ask the court for punitive damages to punish the defendant.

Fortunately, the State of Connecticut has not set a statutory limit on recoverable damages. However, a court could reduce a damages award if the opposing party can show that the injured person bore some responsibility for the accident. Connecticut law allows a judge or jury to consider a defense of comparative negligence. Comparative negligence, if proven, can reduce your final damages award in proportion to your degree of fault. You can still recover damages even if you were partially responsible for the accident providing you are not determined to be more than 50% at fault. A local personal injury attorney understands these limitations and can work tirelessly to pursue the maximum amount of recoverable damages.

Request a Free Consultation from a Monroe Personal Injury Attorney

While full compensation does not always make up for the suffering you endured, a legal settlement can provide you with a sense of justice, allow you to pay your bills and help you move forward with your life. Call Attorney George W. Ganim, Jr., a Monroe personal injury lawyer, to get started on your case.