Fairfield Truck Accident Lawyer

Often weighing at more than 20 times the size of a passenger vehicle, commercial trucks represent a serious risk on the road. When these trucks strike other motorists, cyclists or pedestrians, the injuries can take a devastating toll. With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, you can recover compensation following a truck crash for your medical expenses, lost income or inability to work, impact on your daily activities, as well as for your pain and suffering.

If you have sustained injuries in a truck crash, Attorney George W. Ganim, Jr. can put you in the best position to succeed with a lawsuit. Let a Fairfield truck accident lawyer help you obtain the financial compensation you are entitled to which can address your injuries and losses.

Common Truck Accident Lawsuit Defendants

Each truck accident results from a unique set of factors. These factors can stem from multiple individuals or entities, often resulting in more than one potential defendant. One of the first steps a Fairfield truck crash lawyer takes in a new case is identifying all of the potential parties who might have been responsible for causing the accident. This can include the drivers, owners, the trucking companies or the manufacturers.

Truck Drivers

The operator of the commercial truck is one of the most likely defendants in an injury claim since they were operating the truck involved in the accident. The vast majority of commercial truck collisions occur due to human error, which can include texting while driving, drunk driving or a simple failure to pay attention.

Truck Owners

The owner of a truck can be held responsible for the truck driver’s negligence or for failing to properly maintain the truck.

Trucking Companies

In addition to the truck operator, you could also pursue a lawsuit against their employer. As long as the truck operator was working in the scope of their employment, their employer could face liability if they were negligent in their hiring practices or safety measures.


It is not unusual for a truck accident to occur as the result of a defective vehicle part, either in the truck or in the passenger vehicle. While there are countless vehicle parts that could cause a wreck when they become defective, these claims frequently result from faulty brakes, steering wheels, headlights or transmissions.

The Statute of Limitations in a Truck Accident Claim

You and your local truck accident attorney must file a lawsuit within a limited amount of time. A hard deadline, referred to as the statute of limitations, can bar a legal claim that is not filed in a timely manner. The statute of limitations can vary not only across jurisdictions but also across types of lawsuits as well. In Fairfield, General Statutes of Connecticut § 52-584 governs the statute of limitations.

According to the statute, you have two years to file your case in order to protect your right to pursue a claim. This two-year period begins running the day the accident occurs. If you have not filed your lawsuit by the expiration date of the statute, you will lose the right to ever pursue compensation for this accident in court. Outside of rare exceptions, the court is required to dismiss a case with prejudice following a violation of the statute of limitations.

Reach Out to a Fairfield Truck Accident Attorney for Guidance

If you are living with the consequences of a major truck accident, you should not have to deal with your legal claim on your own. Protecting your rights is best served by hiring an experienced truck accident attorney such as Attorney George W. Ganim, Jr. Do not risk your financial recovery by attempting to pursue this case on your own. Call a Fairfield truck accident lawyer today to discuss your situation.