[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The use of Electronic Cigarettes has been increasing over the last several years. Increased popularity has caused the sale of these cigarettes to rise significantly. Along with the increase has come the number of associated accidents. 

 One concern regarding e-cigarette use is the growing number of reported explosions. Most of the explosions occurred while the e-cigarette was in the user’s possession – in a pocket, in a bag and in the mouth! 

 Note the findings of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In the 2017 report 195 injuries were reported relating to explosions or fires from e-cigarettes. 38 of those cases resulted in severe injuries. It is likely that many more cases were not reported. 

 A summary of the 2017 report is below.   

  • Sixty-one incidents occurred when either the device or spare batteries for the device were in a pocket.   
  • Sixty incidents occurred while the device was being used.  
  • Forty-eight incidents occurred while the battery in the device was being charged.  
  • Eighteen incidents occurred while the device or battery was stored.  
  • In seven incidents, it is not reported whether the e-cigarette was in use, stored, or being charged.  
  • One incident occurred during transportation on a cargo aircraft. 

Media reports generally characterize these incidents as explosions. While there is generally a brief period of overheating and off-gassing at the onset of the event, the events tend to occur suddenly, and are accompanied by loud noise, a flash of light, smoke, flames, and often vigorous ejection of the battery and other parts. A number of the media reports state that the battery or other components of the device were ejected under pressure and “flew across the room,” often igniting combustible items where they landed. 

Thirty-eight of the incidents resulted in severe injury to an individual, meaning that the victim required hospitalization, and may have suffered loss of a body part, 3rd degree burns, or facial injuries.  Eighty victims suffered moderate injuries, which were defined as persons requiring treatment in the emergency room for smoke inhalation, 2nd degree burns, or lacerations requiring stitches.  

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